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Happy new year!
Category: Web Design | Friday, 06 January 2012 19:13

Hello everyone! I trust you've had a happy christmas, received lots of pressies, and are now beginning another year back at work!

Just thought I would drop you a quick update. I've been very busy of the last few months working on Mod My Motor, and it's coming along very nicely! I posted a quick UI sample on twitter a few weeks ago which you can checkout here -!/leejmurphy/status/149600552307785728/photo/1. I have a few other innovative projects in the pipeline, but that's all for now.

Happy new year to all of my clients and followers!

Modifying Twitter Tools for Wordpress to use Search Hash Tags
Category: Tutorials | Wednesday, 08 June 2011 09:50

wordpressI've recently branched out into the whole new word of WordPress, well it's new to me anyway! It is definitely a useful tool, not quite as powerful as Joomla, but still powerful in its own right. In terms of blogging, it has to be the best!

A new site I've been working on posts over 100 articles per day. What better way to spread the word than to have an update automatically posted to Twitter. Luckily enough there are many people who have come up with this idea already. If you use to host your blog then this functionality comes built in, but for the rest of us we require a third party plugin.

The best one I have come across is called Twitter Tools by Alex King. One of the particular highlights of this tool for me is it allows you to enter a Twitter Application API code. What does this mean? Many "blog to social media sites", such as, leave subtle hints everywhere that you have used their services to post your tweet. What Twitter Tools for Wordpress allows you to do is submit a tweet using your own application, meaning you take all the credit. It creates a more professional look on your Twitter page and makes it less obvious that your tweets aren't being typed by hand.

What is a hashtag and why should I use it?

Now posting your new article to Twitter is one thing, but exposing it to as many twitterers as possible is another. By default most Twitter users opt to show tweets from only users they follow. Think of a hashtag as another name for a keyword. Twitterers use hashtags to identify keywords for their tweet. Of course you are limited to 140 characters, so you need to keep it short and sweet. By using hash tags the Twitter community came up with a way to relate posts and create trends. Any one can see these tweets so by using hashtags you are widening your audience in a targeted fashion.

The Code

I have implemented this on a Wordpress 3.1.3 installation with Twitter Tools version 2.4. After installing the plugin, you'll need to enable the Twitter Tools - Hashtags plugin. After installing Twitter Tools, go to the plugins page in your WordPress site and click on edit under the Twitter Tools Hashtags plugin.

Scroll down to the aktt_hash_do_blog_post_tweet($tweet, $post) function.

Comment out the line:

$hashtags = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_aktt_hash_meta', true);

Paste the code below:

	$hashtags = get_the_tags($post->ID);
$hashtags_tmp = "";

if ($hashtags) {
foreach($hashtags as $tag) {
$hashtags_tmp .= '#' . $tag->name . ' ';

$hashtags = $hashtags_tmp;

} else {

$hashtags = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_aktt_hash_meta', true);

That's it!

Disclaimer: Always backup and files you modify. This modification is in no way affiliated with the owner of of this script. I am not responsible for and problems caused!

But hold on a second, there is already a plugin that can post hashtags! Why the hell do I need to modify the code? There is a simple reason for this. The built in plugin allows you to manually type in hashtags for each article, or a standard set of hash tags for all articles. The problem comes when you use an RSS aggregator on your website, such as WordPress RSS Poster. This modification will use the keywords you have preset for your articles as hash tags so you don't need to manually edit each article after it has been posted to set custom tags. The less work the better, right?

Download Twitter Tools through the Wordpress Plugins page here. Make sure to enable the plugin to shortern those URLs and give you more room for those keywords!

Happy Easter!
Category: Portfolio | Tuesday, 26 April 2011 09:56

Happy Easter everyone! With some time off work over the Easter break I felt a much needed website update was in order!


I've updated my portfolio with some recent (and not so recent) exciting additions. The above is an example of a new logo I've created on behalf of a website design company I'm partnered with and below are a couple of promotional music flyers I've had the pleasure of working on over the recent months.

Night of DestructionElle and Tom

I've also uploaded a new website which I finshed around half a year ago - On Your Bike.

That's all for now, not much more to update you on. Mod My Motor is on hold for the time being due to restraints with some of the tools I've been using with Joomla. I'm planning on restarting this project later in the year and creating the website in PHP using MySQL to over come these obstacles.

Welcome to my life!
Category: Blog | Monday, 20 December 2010 00:05

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website! It's been about a year in the making (after significant time out) but i've finally got my act together and made the last push to get this finished. I'm sure there are probably a couple of bugs lurking in here somewhere so please let me know if you find anything that looks messed up!

You'll mainly find my portfolio and blog on this site with some downloads too! I've got the ball rolling and made my first download available for the site launch. LJM Tweetstreamis a simple but powerful module for Joomla 1.5 which allows you to display your twitter feed on your website. There are lots of customisable options too. This extension is currently pending approval to be listed in theofficialJoomla extensions directory; I'll be sure to let you all know when it's there.

Check out my portfolio too. I have some examples of my web design work and photography up and hope to have some more there soon.

That's all for now, just a quick blog post. It's getting pretty late!

Happy new year!
Category: Web Design | Friday, 07 January 2011 22:45

Happy new year everyone. Time for a new update I think. Been very busy with my latest and greatest project...okay it's been on ice for the last three years, but it's steadily on the way again. It's called Mod My Motor and it's a community for car modifiers and enthusiasts.


The website will be largely populated by user generated content, at least that's the idea! Once registered, a user will be able to create a virtual online garage of their cars and modifications. Other users will be able to comment and rate this cars, or 'rides' as we're referring to them as this is 'hipe' and 'cool' down in the world of modifying.

There will be guides and articles on modifying and DIY tips and a community forum where users can interact, talk about their cars, modifying, television and anything they like.

For every action the user makes they receive 'karma' points. The idea is to run some kind of special feature or competition for the users with the most points. This will hopefully drive activity on the site. Still a lot to do so best get back on it!